Sunday, November 16, 2008

Day 15: Confronting Fear / Developing Faith

The fire feathers of our patridge cochin chicken, Tres (short for Trespassers).

Small poem for the morning


Nattering, chattering
pecking, crowing, oh, and
musical sighs of remembrance and sorrow--
It's like this everyday


In Soul Coaching we've now entered Fire week. I realized that in past Novembers, our family had participated in Lantern Walks--organized by the small nature school our daughters attended-- with story, song, and with hot cider and warm pumpkin muffins after. This was part of the sweet rhythm of the year that we enjoyed on Vashon Island for awhile (perhaps more my and my daughter Gwynne's cup of cider than the rest of our family's!). Anyway, I was aware that, now that we've moved to a whole new community, this festival is passing us by!

Keeping in mind that we are sparking a new life here, I've decided to make lanterns with Gwynne this week -- watercoloring some thick paper, cutting shapes in it, and gluing in a translucent colored paper, fingerknitting a handle, and carefully taping in a tea light. Maybe we'll have a little lantern walk to a friend's house in the neighborhood. Or maybe it will just be in our backyard, under stars and cloud and waning moon, soft singing for the sleeping chickens!


TheModernGoddess said...

What a lovely tradition you'll be creating by continuing on with something you've done in the old community. Enjoy! Blessings, Nicole x

Anonymous said...

What a great photo and poem! thank you for sharing it with us. Also, I agree, a really lovely tradition to continue in your new community.

Serena said...

I agree, what a beautiful tradition and I think it's great that you are going to make lanterns and continue the walk.

love, light and peace,

Genie Sea said...

Oh how dreamy! It's awesome that you are continuing a beloved tradition from the past in your sparkling new life. :)

frustrated artist said...

What a great tradition...

Jamie said...

What a lovely celebration of fire as we move towards winter. Beautiful!

Beautiful Witch said...

That sounds like so much fun, that I think I might take my own lantern walk... Thank you for sharing!

1,000 Faces of MotherHenna said...

love you so much jane and miss you like crazy. thinking of you as i'm lighting the little stars on my tree for taking holiday photos for my etsy shop. can't wait to share the shimmery little ornaments with you! i got totally into wiring them! anyway, lots of light and FIRE to you this week for soul coaching...and always lots of reiki and thank you for your vision and words and song!! xoxo

Sacred Suzie said...

Oh your writing is a joy to read. I love the idea of a lantern walk, that sounds so beautiful and celebrating with cider and pumpkin muffins absolutely divine. Thanks for the song, I appreciate that!

Dia said...

The fairies will love your lantern walk! When I moved into my new office, there were indentations high on the wall ('woodpecker holes,' I called them!) & so my oldest grand daugher & I made stars from watercolour we'd painted yellow & I'd put a bit of fine glitter on! Folks would notice the stars, while the other therapists complained (occasionally) about the holes!
Eventually, the doc's son painted my room a lovely lavender, & puttied the holes :)


Dia said...

Hi, Jane
I just added a harp blog to my little blog list - ladyharp . . .

Did you finish Soul Coaching? I really enjoyed my time spent there - still having ripples thru life :)