Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Art From The Rose Garden

I found myself back on this blog, playing in the garden ... So if you're reading this even after my long absence, I thank you so for checking back in with me! 

I thought I'd share some art with you.  My mom and I have the same birthday (different years, of course!), so for her/our birthday, she and I and my younger daughter headed to the nearby rose garden to create art and experiment (if we wished) with haiku.  My mom occasionally paints and draws, and she's also a writer, and a gardener, and a naturalist, so I thought it would be fun to share what we love all in one go!

Here's my daughter's art:

She captured a lot of detail about the rose plant itself:

Here's my mom's.  She calls it "Perfect Scent":

And here's mine:

What fun we had!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Deepening The Garden

Hello, dear Readers!

Earlier this year I pondered the fate of my blogs, having started a couple of new ones.  Five seemed absurd!  At the time I decided to continue this one -- I do like it here!  But as the months progressed, I've discovered that much of what I enjoy posting about here actually has a voice in my new blogs -- or would, if I allowed this little field to leave my care and go feral :-).  In trying to tend many blogs, I'm finding I'm not able to tend well to any (a predictable result!).

So ... If you enjoy posts that focus on herbs, being a mom, self-directed learning, rewilding, and wise village ways, please join me at Moms Create Culture.   This blog is as much about my own personal journey as a mom attempting to create and nourish heart-centered culture starting with my own home and garden as much as intending to help moms create and deepened resilient, nature-and-soul-connected culture in their businesses and communities.

If you are more interested in plant spirit medicine, Reiki, sound healing, or music (harp and song), spiritual seeking, the magic of nature, and story ("inner tracking" or narrative medicine) you might want to check out my blog at Singing Deer Healing.  

You'll find an intermingling of topics on both.  I'm not going just write about herbs or wise village ways, or connecting with the nature of your place in just Moms Create Culture, for instance.  But I intend to let you know in either blog when a post in the other might be of particular interest to you (assuming you don't want to subscribe to both blogs!). 

Fox Tales is my third blog.  This one is dedicated to what I call "magical nature story" -- my fiction, photo-stories, and perhaps other creative expressions for children and the child in you.  I have a feeling this blog will evolve (as they all will, no doubt) but for now it features weekly installments of my children's novel-in-progress, Because Of The Red Fox.

So thank you for reading a harper's garden!  I've certainly enjoyed tending this little garden, and have been honored by your company within it!  I do hope to "see" you in the deepening garden of my creative expression and voice in one of my other "ecologies", or two, or in all three :-).