Saturday, November 15, 2008

Day 14: Choosing Your Life

Wallowa Lake - is that me in that little red boat out there?

So, I've been lurking at Soul Coaching, a bookgroup blog focused on the book, Soul Coaching, by Denise Linn. I wasn't going to participate, but as the days passed, I found (as is the nature of these things) the color and concerns and texture of my life to be mirroring the focus of the day. I love that kind of sympathetic magic!

So, here I am on the last day devoted to the quality, archetype, element, being of Water. The thought for the day is what final limiting thought (or what have you) would you like to wash away? The I-Don't-Know I came up with for today is: I don't know if I'll ever finish any of my (big) creative projects again! ...

Considering that thought, my first response was to release this thought: I don't finish what I begin. But that's an old, tired, definitly not true thought from my achievement-is-everything days.

The thought I'd like to release is actually this: Completing projects is all-important.

The "boat" I choose is one I've been living for awhile: the knowledge that I choose my projects (Kamana Naturalist Training Program, writing my children's book, dreaming of creating a folk choir or a Threshold choir in this new place of ours) because they bring certain threads of aliveness and being in my life, lenses of awareness, purpose, and magic. Whether I actually birth or complete these projects doesn't matter right now (if they ever will). In the meantime, they support me in being curious, immersing myself in the new nature of my place, challenging myself to view the world in a mischievous, child-magic way, learning songs and sharing them in my day-to-day life, and offering simple ways to eventually connect with my community.

I write all that, but I also know that small steps lead to mountains. So, while I release the need to have a particular outcomes, I do know that just living in my nature (which comes alive when I have a particular weave of purpose around me) will likely lead to the emergence in this world of many of these dreams that carry me along. Or a slightly different forms of them.

Okay, on with the day!


Sacred Suzie said...

I'm glad you're on this journey with us and you're right, small steps DO lead to tall mountains. I love that! Keep trekking.

Danette said...

This is true.

The small movements of process are what builds the creations, and ultimately, an inspired life.

I love "child magic way"!

What a wonderful way to create life.

Dia said...

Oh, Jane - you so mirror my thoughts!! I like that - releasing the feeling of need to complete projects!! I 'almost' finished college, have done 'some' of the Music for Healing & Transition program, have taken a bunch of Breema classes, but haven't gone down to Oakland, . . . . & every so often I review the list of things I *thought* I'd finish, & wonder which to focus on . . . .
& I've thought what you do, that my own path is a lovely weave of different elements, which I flow in & out of. & - that's sufficient :)

Serena said...

~ the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step ~

you have a wonderful attitude. focusing on enjoying and being fully present in the Now is so much more important than focusing on expected outcomes.

great to see you come out of lurkdom.

love, light and peace,

Jamie said...

What beautiful fruits those projects have already borne! And here's to 'just living in my nature.' It's a powerful way to be :)

Genie Sea said...

Welcome to our journey! It's very nice to see you :)Your post has a dreamy quality to it. I am enchanted! :)