Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Winter Solstice Fantasy

I took these pictures on the Winter Solstice, one year ago. The doll was created by Lisa Mathias. I hear it's been snowing pretty heavily on Vashon Island, as it has been here in N. E. Oregon. A year ago on Vashon was a little different ...

On a bleak icy Midwinter's Day, Shell Wakefield rides with her friend Grayhorn SilverAntler out into the bone-chilled fields.

A herd of giant hens roams the weary field, pecking open rotting pumpkins and jabbing at the frigid innards. A frightening sight!

Shell and Grayhorn SilverAntler remain steady. watching this amazing scene. Who would have ever expected that giant hens would have "a field day" through the Hundred Acre Wood Farm Community gardens!

The more Shell and Grayhorn gaze, the more wonders they spy--everyday miracles of a row of spinach poking forth despite the freeze.

... and even a perfect radish.

"So much is hidden away in all these tired rows--" Shell begins.

"Plenty, even with the giant hens," Grayhorn says. "Amazing indeed!"

"And not just greens--" Shell gasps, "Oh, Grayhorn--look over there!"

... A row of newly blooming calendula cheers on the tiny life of the emerging winter sun.

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