Friday, November 14, 2008

A Little Morning Poetry

Photo from several years ago of a harp I no longer have in a house I no longer have, accompanied by various things I no longer have, in the rosy glow of sunset .... Beautiful, isn't it!

My friend Lisa encouraged me to keep a Book Of I don't Know everyday for 100 days, writing one thought a day of what I don't know, and being okay with the mystery of that not knowing, and just seeing what emerges. Well, what has emerged are little poems--not haiku, but certainly inspired by haiku.

Look! my village--
hens flap to me
hopeful for treats


Full moon--
I don't expect to see it
caught in the maple tree



I don't know if here
and there--
are the same places


Russet-leaf coat and white
nosing for tales
I don't know anything about the fox
I'd better ask.


Sacred Suzie said...

A full moon caught in a maple tree, I saw that two night's ago in a periwinkle sky.

Interesting that you have a photograph of things that were once yours, now somewhere else.

A book of I don't know...fascinating. I will be back.

Kavindra said...

These poems are fantastic.
Funny, whimsical, wise, beautiful.
Do post if there are more, I love them.

And I want to keep a Book of I Don't Know - what a cool idea.

Anonymous said...

What a cool exercise that has given rise to some lovely words!

Jamie said...

What a really cool idea. Thank you for sharing it.

megg said...

Oooh, I absolutely love the whole idea of a book of i don't know - AMAZING! My toes got all curly thinking about it -

Your poems were delightful!

Kriebels en Krabbels said...

I love that idea: a Book Of I don't Know

Jane Valencia said...

Thank you, everyone, for your comments! I'm definitly inspired to write more poems, and to keep up with that Book Of I Don't Know Graces!

Dia said...

someone who does collage commented that since she's begun that, her 'seagull/ & scavenger' nature has been appeased, & she can collect photos (often from magazines) of things whe covets, rather than the items! This photo of 'things I no longer have' reminds me of that :)

reiki hugs