Sunday, January 11, 2009

Farewell To A Harper's Garden

Gosh, I didn't intend to leave this blog when I started Jane's Medicine Tree--certainly not so soon. Well, maybe I did! It just seems to me that this space represents where I was for a year--a beautiful self-sowing garden full of lovely medicinal and cooking herbs--but, well, I'm just not there anymore! Heck, even the flowers in the photo below the A Harper's Garden are from a former home of mine--my grandparents' house in California. And, double-heck! Even the name of the blog, A Harper's Garden, comes from a business of mine that dissolved quite awhile back!

The lovely herbs remain with me, of course, and my views from the Island that was my home and heart-place for ten years. And my grandmother's roses, and that home-of-grace--the house my grandparents had built in 1936, and lived in for the rest of their lives--of course that remains in my creative and soul geography. And the fun I had with the biz remains with me still! Now, though, it's time to move into my newly rooted perspective, with those beautiful nourishing places and times continuing as branches in my Tree and continuing as rich and lively humus for my soil/soul ....

Thanks for visiting my Garden! I hope you will continue with me on my journey via the Medicine Tree.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Harpquest And Jane's Medicine Tree

On Christmas morning we found our Mookie in a Thorn Tree!

Hello, everyone!

It seems that each year I reimagine or reinvent myself in some way. Last year, I replaced my Tree Letter with this blog. This year, as the result of some dreams, story, and ah-ha moments (and perhaps as the result of being in a new place metaphorically and in true life), I began Jane's Medicine Tree, which is a blog embedded in my Forest Halls website. I'll be continuing this blog into the foreseeable future, however! Coming soon will be posts related to Twelve Secrets Of Highly Successful Women blogging book group. So please continue to stay tuned!

In the meantime, I invite you to experience my Medicine Tree. I have several posts up already, and ideas for a bunch more in the coming weeks.

Vashon Island Millennium Harper Of The Paper Crane

This is a Harping For Harmony harp quest I pursued in 2004. Now in the snowy solitude of this winter I've finally written up the details of the quest, and claimed my title. To my great surprise, I'm to be awarded a small harp! You can read about the quest by clicking the link above.