Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Garden Calls!

This is a picture from four years ago. My daughters are collecting dandelions for making dandelion fritters. Yum!

I'm immersing myself in a lot of herbal study and experience right now, and also reading up on plant spirit medicine--which I realize is what I have been practicing when I offer nourishing herbs to my clients or invoke the quality or 'spirit' (to me) of a particular herb during a healing session. Lovely.

In the former (herbal study) I've been making infusions and syrups, and applying them to self and my family (as needed). Currently my older daughter  has been suffering from a flu. So, I peered through some recipes and the colds-and-flu ebook on, and have been trying a various remedies on her. After mixing a too-complex tea of peppermint (for her headache) and rose (for gentleness) with elderberry syrup (this decoction with its own spices sent the tea over the top!), I finally got the message that less is more with her. The little bundle I made of dried peppermint and rose petals to scent the air around her is probably enough! And if I venture into teas with her tomorrow it will be with a single green ally .... She's been a pretty good sport with my experimentation, all things considered!

I do long for my herb garden. It would be lovely to pick some lavender, chamomile and calendula, just to put near my dear daughter, to lighten and soothe her spirits. And a sprig of mint for encouraging a banishment of her headache! I've been enjoying adventuring with the dried herbs I've had to purchase in lieu of my garden, but so much more is invoked, evoked, conveyed with a single flower.

I do believe I've resumed a harper's garden! Thank you for continuing to join me here, dear readers!


JTHTTK said...

I like to share Red Clover for colds and flu (Trifolium pratense). I enjoy your writing, blog and your sharing and just want to say Thanks.
Blessings to you!
JT Moore

Jane said...

Thank you for your comments, JT! And for your suggestion of Red Clover for colds and flus. I'd never considered using Red Clover for that purpose, though I drink Red Clover infusions for other reasons (one is in an attempt to dissolve an abnormal growth on one of my fingers) ... Time to consider deepening my relationship with Trifolium pratense in other ways!

JTHTTK said...

When using an infusion of Red Clover I would probably make include common honeysuckle blood and a few stems. The flavor is incredible with a little honey. I have also used this combination with yet another ingredient, a little skullcap as a smooth muscle relaxer. Yummy!