Saturday, May 29, 2010

Children's Art and Chickens

I have a backlog of posts on things herbal for this blog, but thought I'd share with you some art I scanned today (they are garden related!).

I love the art children create.  On Vashon Island, our former home and home-to-be-again, first Fridays of the month are celebrated as First Friday Art Walks.  On these Fridays, art galleries and shops and cafes showcasing local artists present new displays of art.  You get to meet the artist, enjoy yummy snacks, chat with fellow viewers, and enjoy fabulous and fun art by folks you know and folks you don't.  When our family was part of a homeschool co-op, I thought it would be a cool idea to feature our children's art in one of our homes and include it in the art walk.  The art could rotate each month, featuring new artwork by the children.

Well, I never saw this vision to fruition, though in our own home for a time I made sure to showcase our girls' artwork in frames and rotate the artwork.  Even now I prefer to display artwork we create, rather than buying that of professionals (unless I know and love them!).   I love the freshness of children's art!

These paintings are by Gwynne from a number of months back, of a rooster (above) and of Amri's rooster, Lord Firestar (to the left).

And since we're on the subject of chickens, I'll include a photo of Lord Firestar with the first bloom of the season of our Mr. Lincoln rose.  Aren't they both handsome?



Dubious said...

I hope you won't mind if I share your idea with our town's local Art Walk organizers (letting them know, of course, from whom the idea came!).

I, too, love seeing children's artwork, and Gwynne's roosters are lovely. Thanks!

Jane said...

Of course I don't mind! Thanks for sharing it. Wouldn't it be great to see children's art featured in art walks everywhere? I find myself so inspired to create when I see what children do without the fuss, muss, and angst we adults often have when creating ....

Just another Village Wise Woman said...

Oh what lovely work, the colors are wonderful! Yes, Lord Firestar and the rose are quite beautiful.